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Boardroom Communicators offers law firms some of the best online marketing and website development services available. That’s because we go beyond simply building you a website to offering a full website management program that will drive traffic to your site—and then convert that traffic into new clients for your law practice.


We do this a number of ways after assessing your best prospective client attributes and determining which advertising, social media or marketing platform or strategy is best suited to target this audience.



A search engine optimized (SEO) website is one that has been created with the goal of boosting your presence on search pages like those offered through Google, Bing, Yahoo. This is accomplished through a combination of web content geared toward specific keywords, site map development, and linking, tagging, and meta descriptions. SEO can also be incorporated into your professional blog and social media sites for even better results.


Design/Branding: An attractive website design will go a long way in boosting your online image. Our team of website developers is able to create a finished product that is not only visually appealing, but functional for users of all levels and fully streamlined with your branding and logo package.


Research and Tracking Tools: There are a number of great, user-friendly analytical tools you can use to track the visitors to your website. You can create your own conclusions based on the findings or allow us to generate reports for you that indicate areas of success and potential room for improvement.


Professional Content: Whether you need crisp, clear web copy with an SEO focus, or if you want someone to update your blog daily, we have the copywriters on staff to get the job done. Your message is important, and we will always work with you to get the best final result.


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