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"Mutually high expectations define the relationship between BoardroomPR and our law firm clients.


The firms and companies we represent are hand-picked for their stature in the marketplace and their willingness to work with a creative marketing communications partner. And they choose us to get the best PR and marketing firm in the business. It’s a model that’s worked for BoardroomPR for more than 26 years."



                                                                        Don Silver, COO  BoardroomPR     

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Commercial & Residential  Real Estate

With real estate development projects "time is money" we can "kick off" your real estate marketing from start to "sold out" finish.



Medical and Health Care Services

It’s a challenging time to be in the healthcare marketplace. At no time in history have healthcare organizations relied more on marketing then today.


Education and Training

With new market entrants in primary and secondary education having full enrollment is no longer "child's play". Compete and win.

Banking, Finance & Accounting

Our many years of working in financial services has given us keen insights in  marketing intangibles  while being mindful of  regulatory constraints.


Non-Profit Organizations

A slow economy means it's essential for non-profits to effectively "tell their important story". Let us show you show you our expertise in this  niche.

Law Firms

Creating comprehensive marketing solutions and enhancing a law firms reputation in their community has been our "bread and butter" for over 25 years.



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Client  Media Placements

In the last 25 years we have worked in nearly all industries to create successful custom integrated marketing and public relations campaigns.