.We create custom public relations campaigns for law firms that bridge the gap between news and traditional media. We place our attorney clients in leading regional and national newspapers, magazines and trade journals. Our clients regularly appear on radio and television news as guest experts. BoardroomPR is active in all forms of digital and social media public relations. Our integrated campaigns are tailored to accomplish your law firms specified objectives. Our team of PR professionals have had many years of success in TV news and staff journalists with major newspapers and magazine publishers.  Their unique knowledge and media contacts enable Boardroom PR clients to be featured in local, state and national media outlets


BoardroomPR can build or re-design your law firm website to enhance your online image and brand. Our deep team of experts can can create custom blog articles and video's and distribute your messages through social media channels such as; Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.  To build web traffic and "make the phone ring" we implement keyword targeted search-engine optimization (SEO) and (SEM)  and pay-per-click (PPC)  marketing campaigns.


BoardroomPR staff members are active in the legal community. We believe in "giving back" to our clients peer community via  participating in seminars and conferences.    We also support local causes and events that we and our law firm clients hold dear.  Each of our Boardroom PR team members  serves on at least one non-profit board; many serve on several. We often advise clients to sponsor or take an active position in community affairs. Our clients serve their local community while making valuable connections that support their business goals.  Helping our clients become a leader in their community has been our mission for over 27 years.



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