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Media relations is a critical element of any law firm Public Relations campaign,  it's essential to tap into your local media markets and national news outlets to reach your target audience. BoardroomPR's traditional media services are considerable,  resulting in a material boost in our law firm client's brand awareness and favorable name recognition in the marketplace.


As is the case with all of our Law Firm PR campaigns, we believe it is important to build a strong local presence in the business and leadership community.  We begin with sharing our extensive media and  business connections  and when key news story hits , our client are pre-positioned to be the "called on legal expert" to share their professional knowledge.

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Traditional and Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Ongoing reputation management is a must-have for any law firm undergoing a current PR campaign. With so much information being disseminated through the news and online, it’s easy for bad press to slip by you and snowball before you are even aware of a problem brewing.

Our firm is proud to be the gatekeeper for information about and regarding your company—both online and in the community. Our reputation management services include:


•    Automated tracking tools

•    Regular monitoring of major online directories,

      blogs, review sites, media. . .

•    Internet listings

•    Removing inaccurate postings

•    Moving bad press from top search engine rankings

•    Monitoring review websites


The reputation of your company is safe when you have our firm at your side. From crisis management to ongoing maintenance that helps prevent problems before they occur, it’s our job to make you look good, rain our shine.











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